How would you like to speak about your real estate services before hundreds of people who have second homes on the Hill (prospective sellers), or who want second homes on the Hill (prospective buyers), or who want to move or retire to the Hill (also prospective buyers)? Too good an opportunity to pass up, isn’t it? Well, did you know that most Town Crier Members/subscribers, who read the TC every week, live off the Hill?

That’s right, as of our last count, 477 Town Crier Members/subscribers have their TCs mailed to off-Hill addresses — every week. These are people who are avid Town Crier readers, even though they currently live primarily off the Hill. They are huge Hill fans.

A nice market for realtors, yes? Well, the Town Crier is the marketplace for that market — week in, week out. That’s why you’ll want to speak to these prospects every week, as some realtors already do, with your own display ad in the Town Crier. Call 951-649-2145 to talk to Lisa about placing a regular ad — and ask her about a money-saving ad contract.

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