Retail and growing licenses will take longer

Initial applications for some cannabis business activities can be submitted to the Riverside County Planning Department on Dec. 26.

In October, the Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance establishing allowable and prohibited commercial cannabis uses within the unincorporated areas of the county. This also defined the land-use zones where these permitted uses may occur and the zones where they will be prohibited.

The ordinance sets development standards and operation criteria, and creates a permitting process and regulations for commercial cannabis operations.

A 60-day waiting period has to pass before the ordinance goes into effect on Wednesday, Dec. 26.

Starting that day, individuals can begin to submit applications to the Planning Department for four of the permitted cannabis uses: testing, manufacturing, distributing and wholesale nurseries.

Applications for retail and cultivation uses will not be accepted yet. The county expects to begin this process in early January 2019.  Prior to its commencement, the county will issue more information on the specifics of the retail and cultivation permit process.

As part of the ordinance’s approval, the board also authorized an implementation plan for retail and cultivation uses. Applications for these uses will follow a separate process.

The county will seek and evaluate proposals for retail and cultivation purposes from interested parties. This proposal process requires interested applicants to pre-register before the Planning Department issues a Request for Proposals.

Information about the cannabis application process and requirements can be found at

The ordinance and accompanying reports can be found at 5873.548&ID=8250&CssClass.