New Sadie

Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats welcomed George back into the cattery.

New Sadie: Bernard, what are you doing?
Bernard: Writing a letter to Santa Paws.
Pepper: Oh! What are you asking for? Please read us the letter.
Bernard: OK, but it’s not yet finished. Here’s what I have:
Dearest Santa Paws,
Life here at ARF is really pretty good. The ARF volunteers give us food, shelter, and lots of love, but to be honest, it just isn’t anything compared to what a forever home might be. Take Tex, for instance. She is such a wonderful, loving dog who would be such a great hiking or jogging partner. She just doesn’t like to share her home with cats or another dog. Is that so terrible? My heart is breaking for her. And Zeus and Bear? What awesome cats they are. Their guardian passed away, and now they quietly cry at night for a new home. It is so, so sad.
Take a look at Heavenly Whiskers. She has been here quite a while and mainly because she doesn’t run to visitors, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be a wonderful member of a family. She needs time, just a little time. That’s all. Mr. Gray is such a good-looking guy. When one of the ARF volunteers takes a seat in the cattery, he jumps into her lap, and that is because he knows her. Why won’t other humans take a few minutes to get to know him?
George was with ARF for a while and then was adopted, but sadly his guardian fell on tough times and couldn’t keep him. So here he is, back with us. But he is awesome! What a friendly guy!
Bernard: Well, that’s all I have, so far. I’ll read more to you as soon as I’m ready!
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