Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” everyone listened to the beginning of Bernard’s letter to Santa.

Bernard: OK, everyone, here is the rest of my letter to Santa. Want to hear it?
Tex: Let’s hear it!
Bernard: Hope I included everyone.
Pepper is a gorgeous tuxedo who really wants to get to know a human and then take up residence in her lap (or his!). She is a sweetie. And so is the original Sadie, another tuxedo. She really likes to wind in and out of a human’s legs. It’s so sad that they are both still at ARF.
And speaking of Sadie, the second Sadie is amazingly friendly, so that’s why she is the new office cat. She doesn’t object to being picked up and loves to be petted. What a perfect pet! And then there’s Carly. Carly would rather be left alone, but she would be comfortable to live her life with a caring, loving human. She is fine with other cats, but just isn’t terribly excited about humans. Kitty-Kitty came to ARF when her human could no longer care for her. She isn’t too excited about the other cats here, so she really, really needs a new forever home.
I guess that’s it, Santa. All I want for Christmas is a forever home for all of ARF’s dogs and cats. Is that asking too much? We all love humans and just want our own. Oh! One more thing. The collection box we left at Fairway has been filling up nearly every day. The humans of this mountain community are so generous and wonderful. Please be good to them, too! Happy Holidays!
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