The County Service Area 38 Advisory Committee will meet at 2 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 15, at the Pine Cove Water District's board room.

The committee will review the second-quarter revenue and expense report and the 2018-19 budget.

Old business on the agenda includes the deck cost breakdown for the Pine Cove Fire Station, the status of ongoing abatement projects and WNKI 1610 AM.

The public is encouraged to attend this open government meeting.


  1. As for wnki it’s forbidden from the emergency broadcast network by law. If you listen to it you deny yourself from emergency broadcasts from the emergency alert system. It’s a part time broadcast meaning when an emergency hits there is no immediate/early broadcast bad bad bad unlike the emergency broadcast network. They want it for tourism broadcasts. Csa 38 and pcpoa are for property owners and residents not tourists promoting tourism sites although idyllwild realtors and businesses want csa 38 and pcpoa to fund it. They say it’s new technology, NOT… It’s a very expensive band-aid on very old very low power AM radio . Fundamental failures make this a no go and poor idea. Once again it asks pine cove property owners to flip a tourism advertising bill. More important it threatens to facilitate unlawful snow play on private property in pine cove.

  2. WNKI578-1610AM remained fully operational throughout the Cranston Fire. Even when other local commercial FM broadcast stations went off the air due to the extended power outage effecting our area; WNKI578-1610AM remained on the air with 24/7 broadcast updates of emergency evacuation orders and escape routes. The reader must know a vast majority of the entire mountain was without power for several days. Temperatures were 90 plus degrees, internet was not operational for many, there was no nightly news, nor were the telephones fully functional. Our corroborated broadcast operations were the result of working directly with the Idyllwild Fire Protection District, US Forest Service, Riverside County Emergency Management Department – EOC and RACES operations along with Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol.

  3. Not true. Emergency broadcast stations remained on air throughout the emergency of which wnki is not part of. Early warning is not part of wnki PERIOD. Although wnki fixed part of it’s non compliance with the FCC it’s still a substandard low power part time antiquated system . Putting a bunch of low power transmitters around the mountain still means low power and still not part of the emergency broadcast system not linked to county, state, and federal emergency broadcast networks or agencies. An old pig is still a pig no matter what pretty dress you put on it.

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