We have just been informed by Caltrans that the road restoration of Highway 243 will take at least two months and of Highway 74, one month. Our isolation and the interruption of the usual traffic to our town will most likely have a devastating, short-term effect on our lives, but especially on the commercial establishments of our town and its employees as a consequence of the likely substantial reduction in the number of visitors making it to Idyllwild.
I understand that Riverside County Emergency Services has begun the process to declare an emergency that may entitle us to have some additional assistance. It is time for all of us to have a united front meeting the expected difficulties and problems, and to contact our local governmental representatives such as Congressman Ruiz and Supervisor Washington to encourage them to do whatever is necessary to expedite the repairs to the highways and to provide us and our businesses with whatever assistance may be necessary to overcome the expected difficulties.
Peter Szabadi