“Turnover,” a film from producers Linda Palmer, Rae Davis, Marvin Glover, Mark Cardone, Brian McCormick and Martina Webster, aims to educate and break down barriers for people with disabilities. It has been nominated in 14 categories at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema.
“Turnover” is the story of cafe owner Peter (played by nominee, Independent Spirit Award and Screen Actors Guild Award winner Paul Guilfoyle), who leaves his disgruntled manager Henry (played by Riker Lynch) in charge of the business. Henry, instead, fires the staff and replaces them with an eclectic crew of misfits.
Peter returns to an unrecognizable cafe and eventually learns the value of camaraderie. He bonds with the new team, and only through their help is he able to save the business, his life and, ultimately, find love. (View the trailer at www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tg9XPy80ark&fbclid=IwAR0N6Trewe0uUYftKR5EiSm_xnlW5LRUMckhY4sigLEv8dLq7f-R0muttbE.)
Working with the National Down Syndrome Society and Activities Recreation and Care, the “Turnover” creative and production team has incorporated real people with developmental disabilities in the film, highlighting their abilities and talents via cast members Jamie Brewer and Blair Williamson.
ARC and NDSS will be promoting awareness through private screenings before its domestic release later this year. The film is produced by Palmer’s production company, Runaway Productions, Glover’s company, Sea Sand Entertainment, and McCormick’s Campfire Stories.
Palmer focuses on films with social relevance and often gives back to a variety of causes her films showcase.
The 14 awards “Turnover” has been nominated for are:
• Best Actor/Feature Film – Paul Guilfoyle
• Best Actress/Feature Film – Julia Silverman
• Best Supporting Actor/Feature Film – Carlos Carrasco
• Best Supporting Actress/Feature Film – Katharine Kramer
• Best Child Actor – Isabella Blake-Thomas
• Best Ensemble Cast/Feature Film
• Best Feature Film
• Best Screenplay/Feature Film – Linda Palmer, Laree’ Griffith
• Best Director/Feature Film – Linda Palmer
• Mary Austin Award Excellence in Directing/Feature Film – Linda Palmer
• Mary Austin Excellence in Cinematography – Jennifer Hook
• Mary Austin Award Excellence in Producing/Feature Film – Linda Palmer
• Mary Austin Award Excellence in Screenwriting/Feature Film – Linda Palmer, Laree’ Griffith
• Marshall Hawkins Award Best Original Score/Feature Film – Nami Melumad, Natalie Perez
Confirmed cast and crew attending and available for the Q&A immediately following the March 8 screening are Brewer, Blake-Thomas, Carrasco, Elina Madison, Lynch, Ellen Gerstein, Williamson, Kramer and Daniel Hoffman. The Saturday, March 9 screening is sold out, however, tickets are available for the 10 a.m. Friday, March 8 screening. Visit https://filmfreeway.com/IIFC2019/tickets for more information.