The closure of Highway 74 is much more than a nuisance or inconvenience for Idyllwild high school students and Hemet Unified School District personnel who commute.
Several HUSD staff live in Idyllwild and work in Hemet, and some Idyllwild School faculty live in Hemet.
The district is trying to help as much as possible, according to Idyllwild School Principal Matt Kraemer.
HUSD has a shuttle available in both directions. In the morning, it leaves Idyllwild School about 5 a.m. and another leaves Hemet for Idyllwild School. In the afternoon, after school is over, the shuttles head in the opposite directions — bringing employees home.
The district told them, “We will be providing staff members a van shuttle service from the District Office Main Entrance on Acacia Avenue to Hamilton, Hamilton High, and Idyllwild until Highway 74 partially reopens. Additionally, shuttle service will be available for staff members in the Anza and Idyllwild areas who report to sites in the valley.”
This serivce will continue until Highway 74 is completed and the highway is opened, but it adds an hour to the commutes.