Last week’s rain brought snow to the top of the local mountains. By early afternoon, Thursday, Nov. 29, 1.25 inches were reported at the Palm Springs Tram.
Photo by JP Crumrine

Rain started falling on the Hill hours before sunrise Thursday, Nov. 29, and continued into the next morning. By noon Friday, about 2.16 inches had been recorded at the Idyllwild Fire Station. The U.S. Forest Service’s Keenwild Ranger Station had received about 2 inches of rain.

The higher elevations did receive snow, which could be seen from town. By early afternoon, Nov. 30, the Palm Springs Tramway reported nearly 1.25 inches of snow had fallen there.

Another storm system is expected the middle of this week; it could bring an inch or more of rain and snow, possibly at the higher elevations. It should clear through Southern California by Friday. And perhaps a third system will arrive the middle of next week.

No road closures were needed in the Cranston Fire burn area, although roads in the Holy Fire area were closed and mandatory evacuation of some areas required. The county did alert residents that evacuation might be needed this week.

Total rainfall since July 1 is approaching the long-term average for rainfall from July through November. The average for these five months has been 5.8 inches. With this week’s rain, the Keenwild site has now exceeded 5 inches of rain and the National Weather Service indicates that Idyllwild Fire has reported 6 inches of rain through Nov. 30.