On Feb. 14, the residents of Idyllwild were challenged once again as 6 to 8 inches of rain in less than 24 hours drenched the Hill. As residents of Royal Pines at the end of Delano Drive, we were, at best, concerned, to find the road leading out of our park seriously damaged by the runoff from the surrounding hills. Erosion and undercutting of the asphalt continued through the afternoon threatening to take out the entire road.
Idyllwild County Park employee Joe Chiosso saw the threat and went to work throughout the deluge opening the fire gate at the back of the campground and making sure the road through the park itself was kept clear of debris so residents had a means of escape should Delano completely fail. It was brought to my attention by another County Park employee that much of this work was done on his own time.
I have seen Joe at work many times over the years. If he has time, he will stop and chat for a moment. If his time is short, we will get a friendly wave as he makes his rounds. Other residents have had similar encounters and speak highly of him.
All of my encounters with Riverside County Parks employees has been a pleasant experience and it is clear these people enjoy their work and are dedicated to serving the public. Joe is a shining example of a public service employee and deserves a little extra appreciation.
Kim Fryer