The flooding from recent rains severely damaged the artificial-turf top field at Idyllwild School. Flood waters washed away large segments of the hillside outside the right-center field fence, and large amounts of earth washed through the fence and created wide rivulets of mud and debris across center and left fields. Much of it ended up against the outside gate in left field, at that point creating a broad carpet of debris 4-6 inches thick covering the surface of the field. Principal Matt Kraemer stated nothing could be done to prepare for and protect against an 8-inch onslaught of rain. He said that after the snow melted — and the extent of the damage could fully be seen — Hemet Unified School District experts would inspect the field to determine how best to handle the situation. As of now, the field is clearly unplayable, and it will be for an indefinite period. Photos by Jack Clark