The current state of the Idyllwild Water District is very good. Our mission “to provide reliable water and sewer service in a safe, cost-effective and environmentally sound manner in accordance with the community needs” is being actively pursued.

During the drought, the reliability of water has been very good. The sewer system continues to operate efficiently. Our finances shows sound governmental procedures are followed meticulously. We have no unfunded liabilities.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a high turnover in board members. There was a “blow out” at the sewer pond. There were two high water readings at one location. Employees have left for employment closer to their homes. Legal counsel has changed. The community was nearly lost to fire. The lack of precipitation continues.

These challenges have not been easy. The current board is able to weather criticism well and continues to work through the diverse opinions that each holds.

The sewer pond was repaired and reinforced. The high readings have gone down and a carbon filter permanent solution will be installed soon.

Employee benefits and incentives to stay are being explored. Our legal counsel continues to be accurate in their opinions. The water district, by all fire standards, was stellar during the Cranston fire.

The drought contingency plan will help us prepare for drought. Our finances provide ample proof that at more than $5 million, the district is sound.

Overall, the Idyllwild Water District performs the most essential functions seamlessly. When you turn on the tap, the water flows. When you flush, it is all taken care of by our “Auger Monster.”

Our community continues to benefit from the hard work of the staff at Idyllwild Water. The current state of the Idyllwild Water District is very good.

Charles Schelly, AA BS DC NRCME

President, Idyllwild Water District


  1. What a Croc!
    IWD director Hunt recently wanted whole house water filter rebates for all IWD customers for the poisons injected by iwd and as cited by a notice of violation by the state on a system notorious for producing a ghost levels of poisons.

    More than a couple hydrants failed during the Cranston fire all “Red Tagged” by the fire crews and photographed by me before they “magically disappeared.”

    Miles of substandard pipe, and extremely old hydrants litter this district.

    Yes chip has it right they have 4.5 mil in the bank more than double their annual operating budget, hmm, broken and failed infrastructure but millions in the bank.

  2. Well 1a produces highly radioactive waste.

    The district can’t retain properly licensed water technicians, unlike the other mountain districts.

    I also have grave questions that Idyllwild residents subsidize commercial meter/hydrant giveaways while the district neglects their water quality, hydrant and pipe needs.

  3. I’d like a board member or this paper to say just for once that this district didn’t knowingly produce and inject poisons into the water supply or multiple hydrants weren’t red tagged on the burnovers, or that commercial meters aren’t given away at homeowners expense, just once for the record of course! Cowards!

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