Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats celebrated Nala’s adoption.
George: What do dogs have that we don’t?
Thomas: Why do you ask? Is everything OK?
George: For the dogs it is. They keep finding forever homes. Yale was adopted on Monday. He is now living with an amazing couple in Torrance.
Thomas: That is great news for that really nice boy. But have you met the newest dog?
Sadie: I have. He is such a character.
Alfie: You must be talking about me! I’m Alfie. I might be small (just 8 pounds), but I’m a big presence.
Mr. Gray: Hello, Alfie. You look like a Yorkie. How old are you? What’s your story?
Alfie: A nice lady found me at the transfer station. I must admit that I was a terrible mess.
Sadie: You were! And you smelled pretty bad, too.
Alfie: Sorry about that. To continue my story, I was found and no one claimed me. ARF got me checked out with the veterinarian, took me in to be groomed and placed me with a very loving foster.
Mr. Gray: So I guess you were kind of lucky. I mean, being lost at the transfer station isn’t lucky, but the rest of your story is.
Alfie: Thanks, Mr. Gray, but I have more to tell. The doc guessed I’m about 7 years old. I’m in good health, but I really need a dental. ARF has one scheduled for me for next week.
George: You’ll feel so much better once those teeth are cared for. Do you like to play?
Alfie: I love to chase a ball. Oh! And I really like all dogs, any size. But you cats I’d like to chase!
Mr. Gray: Please don’t! We like it quiet in here. Welcome, Alfie.
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