First the fires, then the floods, and now this. On Friday, April 5, a Verizon 4G cell tower was erected at the Idyllwild Inn. It must have been done quite secretly since no one I have spoken with, except the Idyllwild Inn, knew anything about it.
Even in unincorporated areas, there is a county permitting process required for cell tower installations that involves notifying businesses and residences within 600 feet of the tower, but it appears that was not followed.
I have read many articles about cell towers and they often contradict each other regarding the dangers. I have to ask, “Where was this article published? When was it published? Who wrote it? Who paid them to write it?” That can make a big difference in the conclusions.
When it comes to my family’s health, I don’t always accept the word of corporations or the FCC that claims cell towers are harmless, especially these days when the EPA has lost its power.
There are a multitude of scientists who say that 4G cell towers are damaging to our health, especially for people with compromised immune systems. The European commission SCHEER has already declared that electromagnetic radiation, especially 5G technology, is an emerging risk to public health. Google “Physicians for Safe Technology–5G Mobile Communications” on https://mdsafetech.org for more information.
For me, this is a wake-up call to be more mindful of the invisible pollution in our airwaves that affects our well-being. Our health is more important than computer speed.
Let’s hold Verizon accountable for placing a cell tower in the center of town, when it could have been erected in a more isolated part of the mountain. Let’s hold it accountable for not following the legal procedures of notifying the community.
It is a betrayal to everything we as a community have fought for and that we are known for: no chain stores or restaurants, no traffic lights, no high rises, no freeways buzzing nearby, national forest trails and hiking, beautiful blue skies, brilliant stars at night, a historic district, our own redwood grove, and even an all-green brewpub.
We have always gone the distance to protect our town. Let us continue to do so, so our children and grandchildren can still live a good life in a pristine environment.
Myra Dutton