This watershed group is a sham. They masquerade as environmentalists.

They have no intent to define a scope or define measurable outcomes other than consolidation as if that leads to good watershed management because they were recruited. Outrageous.

I’m for good watershed management and production of safe, reliable drinking water. That’s not Idyllwild Water District.

Jeff Smith

Pine Cove


  1. FVWD, you are the big prize for iwd. You are the surface water diverter that stands in their way to 400 miners inch’s, not pcwd. That’s a fact. It’s unforgivable that your president tried to offer up pine cove water district as an offering to the pig iwd. I’m no longer worried about pine cove customers. They now get it. I do think iwd has to pay a price at this point. Additional un recoverable litigation sounds like the ticket.

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