I couldn’t agree more with Kristy Frazier’s letter “Cell tower is not a bonus.”
The one bonus that Idyllwild has always had going for it is the quiet and solitude of the forest and mountains. It is what has always differentiated us from Big Bear and Wrightwood. This is what keeps visitors coming back and residents wanting to stay.
The mountain has a way of attracting those people and weeding out the rest. Our sign coming into town says it all: “Leave Us As You Found Us.”
If you love Idyllwild, please enjoy and respect it. Don’t try to change it. What’s next? An RV park in the center of town or a dollar store across from the Post Office? Oh, wait! We already have those now.
How about a McDonalds above the Brewpub or another 10 bars and 20 cell towers?
Dave Hunt
Idyllwild native