Pam Allen’s May 16 trial readiness conference was rescheduled for July 18.
In April 2017, Allen, 66, of Pine Cove, was charged with three felonies for the March 31 collision with Julia Romero, 18, also of Idyllwild, on Highway 243. Two of the charges were for driving under the influence and causing great bodily injury. The third charge was hit and run.
In October 2018, Allen’s defense attorney, Donald Bartell, filed a motion to remove two felony charges, both relating to DUI and causing great bodily injury.
Since the January hearings for dismissal of several counts against Allen, the charge for driving with a blood alcohol level greater than 0.08 percent has been discharged and the associated charge of causing great bodily injury was stricken.
But two vehicular felony charges remain. DUI and causing bodily injury as well as hit and run in an injury are the current charges against Allen. She has pleaded not guilty to both.
She remains released on bail of $75,000. The next scheduled court date for the criminal trial is July 18 and one week later the civil case has a session scheduled.