As a U.S. Army veteran and history buff, I was really taken aback by Gisela Stearns’ letter on D-Day. It must be convenient to make one man the scape goat for the evils done in Germany’s name.
The fact is, Hitler didn’t elect himself. A hateful minority, around one-third of the electorate in a parliamentary system, put him in power. Most of the remainder blindly followed like lemmings.
A brave few resisted, and paid with their lives, or a living death in a concentration camp. Those are the only Germans I admire.
America, with its segregated armed forces in World War II, was not perfect, but by comparison, we were the good guys. I’m so proud of those G.I.s who risked their lives to rid the world of that abomination, and I’m insulted by anyone trying to group Nazi dupes with our heroes.
Barry J. Fox