Friday last, I was run off the road (figuratively speaking) by a local delivery truck. My immediate reaction was fear mixed with a dash of confusion, followed by a slightly inappropriate feeling of anger. (Read here: I flipped the guy off. Sorry.)

Once I regathered myself, I reflected on the incident as I continued driving. As fate would have it I happened to walk right past this person a few minutes later. Words ensued that caused me to decide that action should be taken. So here’s what you need to know.

I went in to discuss what I termed as a “reckless driving incident” with the proprietor and we had a very productive conversation. I went home, and on this person’s advice, called and  filed a report with the California Highway Patrol.

From that conversation I was informed that calling them should have been the first, and immediate, thing to do. (Lesson 1.)

Lesson 2, don’t talk to or confront the other person or people when an occurrence such as this confronts you. This didn’t go badly, but you only need to watch the news to get an idea of how things might have otherwise gone.

Lesson 3, not everyone really cares. In subsequent conversations throughout this process, I’ve discovered that “ruffling a few feathers” can cause knee-jerk reactions that show that some of us (or likely, most of us, myself included) tend to resist change.

But lastly (Lesson 4) is that our community needs protection, and that protection starts with us. Be diligent when you see something. Take action, do or say something.

My reason for following up was because this person’s unsafe driving habits present a danger to the good citizens of our community. He could have, and may yet, hit a vehicle, or worse, run down a small child. If that were to happen, had I said nothing, I’m not certain I could live with myself.

At least now, if this person’s peers decide to do nothing to correct this behavior, I’ll still be able to sleep at night knowing that I did what small part I could to contribute to the safety of my Idyllwild neighbors.

Mark Dean

Pine Cove