Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats shared how they would make any home a better one.
Indie: Holy moly! What is happening here?
Zeus: Kittens, that’s what’s happening. Lots of kittens.
Heavenly Whiskers: There are six of ’em, and they are pretty darned cute.
Sadie: Well, there are six, but three have already been spoken for.
Heavenly Whiskers: What do you mean, Sadie?
Sadie: Some humans came in this weekend, fell in love and filled out applications with deposits, so three of the kittens have a forever home as soon as they are ready to go.
Pepper: And I hear there are a few more who will come to ARF soon.
George: That’s what I heard. They are with a foster now, getting the full-time attention they need.
Zeus: So three are still looking for forever homes, yes?
Sadie: That’s right. And ARF now has a dog named Chuck.
Indie: I saw Chuck this weekend. He is really cute, but shouldn’t be with us felines.
Pepper: No, he doesn’t like us so much, but he is good with other dogs when introduced properly. And I’ve heard he is very loving and affectionate.
Heavenly Whiskers: And 100 percent house trained!
Thomas: And I also heard that he is non-destructive in a house when left alone. He just naps and plays with a toy.
Pepper: He sounds like a good boy. How old is he?
George: He is about 6 years old, neutered and current on vaccinations.
Sadie: Whoever adopts him is going to be very lucky.
Zeus: Whoever adopts a kitten or one of us wise adult cats will be lucky, too.
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