From left to right: Karen Karlsson, Leslie Brown, Tammy Greenwood, and Denise Kraemer of the Old Broads. Photo by Leslie Brown

In a city where 20-somethings are botoxed and 30-somethings routinely get “a little work done,” and whose dominant industry is peddling our youth-obsessed, airbrushed culture to the rest of the world, what is a woman of a certain age to do? Seek out like-minded people and collaborate!
The Old Broads are a group of Los Angeles-based, female visual artists over the age of 50 who exhibit together when appropriate opportunities arise. The group first formed in 2015 when artist Karen Karlsson secured a pop-up show at Chinatown’s Red Pipe Gallery and invited other artists to participate.
“Our shows seek to showcase and celebrate artists who bring a lifetime of experience and experiences to their work,” said Karlsson. “Our aim is to promote each other, poke fun at prevalent stereotypes, and have a good time doing it. When fellow Old Broad Tammy Greenwood, who frequently visits Idyllwild, told me about Middle Ridge Winery Tasting Gallery and how she thought it would be a great venue for one of our shows, I reached out to see if we could make something happen. And when we heard about the ‘Born to Be Wild’ exhibit theme, we knew it was going to be a great fit!”
Not a traditional membership organization, the group comes together only for exhibits and is made up of artists working in a variety of media including painting, photography, printmaking, fiber, sculpture, assemblage and site-specific installations.
“We’re thrilled to be featuring such a vibrant group of women artists in our latest exhibit,” said Melody Johnston who, along with her husband and winemaker Chris, opened Middle Ridge Winery Tasting Gallery to create a space where their love of wine and love of art could come together.
‘Born to Be Wild’ is meant to be an homage to the ultimate expression of freedom and joy: an opportunity for the artists to share works driven by that creative spark that gets their motor running. Whether it is subject or medium, color, movement or use of light, we hope you will open your heart and mind and embark on the adventure with them!”
Middle Ridge Winery will be featuring 15 “Old Broads” in this exhibit including oil painter Ada Pullini Brown, mixed-media printmaker Leslie Brown, jewelry artist Adeola Davies-Aiyeloja, printmaker Tammy Greenwood, acrylic painter Karen Karlsson, printmaker Karen Kauffman, printmaker Denise Kraemer, mixed-media sculptor Susan Lasch Krevitt, mixed-media fiber artist Cindy Rinne, encaustic painter Susan Ruiz, encaustic painter Caryl St. Ama, sculptor Sharon Suhovy, mixed-media artist Marcella Swett and oil painter Jill Sykes. This will be the first time for each of these artists to exhibit in Idyllwild.
In addition, the exhibit will proudly feature an additional 20 artists from all around Southern California. Of those 20 artists, four are brand new to the tasting gallery with this exhibit: wood sculptor John Marshall, photographer Valerie Pronio, photographer Krisztina Scheef and photographer Jim Storm.
Middle Ridge’s popular “Afternoon with the Artists” is open to the public on Saturday, July 20 from 2 to 5 p.m. Visitors will have the opportunity to sip, talk and walk through the tasting gallery while getting to know the artists.