Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats talked about themselves.

Zeus: So, it’s been kind of quiet around here. No cattery meetings!
Heavenly Whiskers: You finally noticed! The reason we’ve had no meetings is because we’ve had no office cat.
Sadie: Indie was adopted!
Heavenly Whiskers: That’s right. The last two kittens were adopted just this last Sunday, and they went to the same home.
Sadie: Aw, that’s some good news.
Pepper: I’ve heard ARF has two dogs now.
George: That’s right. There is a sweet boy named Ryder and a cute little girl named Zooma.
Zeus: Do we get to meet them soon?
Sadie: I believe so. Here they are now!
Ryder: Hello ARF cats! I’m Ryder, and you guys are okay. I mean, cats are fine with me, as are other dogs.
Pepper: Welcome Ryder. So what else should we know about you?
Ryder: I am a Shi Tzu and Havanese mix. I’m 8 years old, house trained and very affectionate. I admit I came here a bit overweight, but my awesome foster is helping me shed a few pounds. I’ve already lost two!
Thomas: Congratulations! Who is with you?
Ryder: This is Zooma. She is pretty cute, isn’t she?
Zooma: Oh gosh, I’m blushing! Yes, I’m Zooma. I’m very happy to be here. I was in a home that kept me in a crate much of the day, but no more!
Ryder: You are very playful and affectionate, just like me. How old are you?
Zooma: I’m about a 1 ½ years old. I really like children and other dogs, but I haven’t yet checked out you cats. ARF isn’t sure of my breed mix. I’m little, just 8 pounds. I guess my breed is “adorable!”
Thomas: We welcome you both.
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