In response to Frank Landfield’s letter to the editor last week: Idyllwild does have charging stations for electric cars. Well, at least one, that is open to the public. Maybe it should be better advertised. We’re not in the middle of town, but Fern Valley Inn has two charging stations.
We can charge any electric vehicle with a 240-volt or 110-volt connector. There is no standard for all electric cars (yet) but the 14-50 plug is close to it. It looks like the plug your dryer may be using. We also have two Tesla-specific chargers and they get used almost daily. Sometimes we have people waiting in line, especially on Sunday when everyone is headed down the hill.
We ask $5/hour for those who just want enough power to get home, or $20 for a full charge. We give special deals for those staying with us and charge overnight. Hopefully, we will see more people up here with their electric vehicles. We can all use the business.

Gary Erb, Fern Valley Inn