Upon reading about Idyllwild Pines’ decision to provide space on its property for a pickleball court, I was immediately impressed by their continued efforts to be community supporters of our town. Perhaps more than any other private property holder in the area, they it has a demonstrated  history of providing the use of its grounds for projects such as a Dog Park and the Skate Park, all of which provide direct benefits to many residents of our town.

Sadly, this has not come without some significant downsides, in spite of which, the management of Idyllwild Pines has dealt with gracefully. Local residents and those from “off the Hill” regularly walk through this private property, leaving dog waste and trash. The camp is  a thoroughfare for all kinds of foot traffic (sometimes carrying BB guns) who really don’t seem to have any clue (or a care) that they are regularly walking through private property.

Undoubtedly, the regular misuse of the grounds creates liability to the camp and impacts the various groups who use their facilities.  And yet, Idyllwild Pines continues to give to our community with increased access to its property rather than limiting it. That’s a truly unusual thing to see in today’s society and Idyllwild Pines deserves great recognition for it.

John Jacobs