Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats and dog, Tex, were feeling a bit down about not finding their forever families.


Panther:  Everyone is looking a bit glum.

Astro: Speak for yourself! Radar and I have so much fun together. Wouldn’t it be great if a family took us both? We could continue to play and wrestle.

Panther: You’re right, Astro. It would be great. But what if you were adopted by yourself?

Astro: That would be OK, too.

Radar: As long as I also found a family.

Tex: I’d be so happy to be the only dog. I’d love to hike and play and fetch a ball with my own humans.

Bear: There is no question Astro, Radar and Tex would like an active home.


Zeus: Whereas Bear and I wouldn’t mind a quiet home that offers warm laps and lots of petting.

Bear: Got that right. Panther, how about you?

Panther: I want a home that will offer lots of attention. I’d be a great cat to welcome guests. I love everyone.

Indie: No hiding under the bed for you!  I like humans, too, but I don’t run to them the way you do.

Bear: Maybe with fall starting to appear, humans will realize they want to settle into a comfy chair with a beautiful cat in their laps.


Pepper: And there are lots of beautiful cats here!

Radar: And adorable kittens.  Not everyone is content to just sit with a feline in his lap.

Tex: Some like to play! I’ll play and play. I’ll offer all kinds of entertainment.

Astro: And so will I! Fun times ahead!

Zeus: It all depends upon what the humans want.

Panther: And as someone said last week, ARF is one-stop shopping. There is a four-legged for any and every one!

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