Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats learned that they might have a new office cat.
Terra: All you felines gather around.
Mr. Gray: Hey, aren’t you the new cat?
Terra: I am, and the ARF volunteers appointed me the new greeter for all visitors to ARF. That means I’m the new office cat.
Mr. Gray: Wow. I guess seniority means nothing. Humph.
Sadie: Oh Gray, it’s because she is so very friendly. Humans will be so happy to be greeted by her.
Zeus: Terra, you look young.
Terra: True, even though I’ve had a litter. I’m so glad ARF will get me spayed now. No more kittens for me!
Zeus: Do you know if the last dog, Baloo, was adopted?
Terra: Yes, he was! I’ve heard a rumor that ARF now has another dog. She is pregnant!
Zeus: Holy catnip! Seriously?
Sadie: I heard that, too. She is very small and very pregnant. That’s all we know right now.
Terra: Stay tuned!
Mr. Gray: And what about our kitten situation?
Bear: We still have Neptune and Jupiter looking for their homes, and very, very soon we will have another litter.
Mr. Gray: Kittens, kittens, kittens. I hope we soon find homes for all of them.
Terra: Don’t forget that the new litter will also come with its beautiful mama. She will also need a home, just like me.
Sadie: We need to put out a call to all cat lovers. What’s one more cat in a loving household?
Bear: If there is one, two might be twice the love.
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