Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the cats met Ivan, the new feline.
Harper: (carefully entering ARF) Hello? Is anyone here?
Whiskers: I am! Who the heck are you?
Harper: I’m the new ARF dog, Harper.
Whiskers: Welcome to ARF! You seem to be OK with cats, clearly.
Pepper: (entering the office) A dog? Who is this?
Whiskers: This is Harper, ARF’s newest dog.
Pepper: Hey Harper, nice to meet you. So, what’s your story?
Harper: Let’s see … I’m about a year old, a Basenji mix and I’m very adorable!
Ivan: Hello, Harper. I’m Ivan. I’m pretty new here, myself. Guess we are both looking for a forever home.
Harper: I suppose we are. It shouldn’t be difficult for me as I really like other dogs, and you cats are good, too.
Ivan: And you’re a good size.
Harper: I’m around 15 pounds. And I’m house trained as well.
Ivan: I think you are a perfect dog for a family.
Sadie: Do you like going on walks? Playing? Being petted?
Harper: Yes, to all! I am very affectionate and I truly like being in a warm lap.
Lulu: You’re nearly as perfect as one of us cats!
Pepper: That’s a good one, Lulu.
Harper: I would like to have a canine playmate and a family that will spend time with me.
Lulu: I don’t know that I’d want a canine playmate, but I agree that a family to spend time with me would be so very nice.
Sadie: Who knows what an interested family should do now about meeting Harper or one of us?
Lulu: I’ve heard that Harper will be meeting families this coming Sunday.
Whiskers: As long as they have an appointment!
Pepper: Humans may meet any of us by appointment.
Ivan: Now, we will wait for the phone to ring.
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