By Will Steichen
Idyllwild Community Center Director

Above players from the Renegades and Royal Knights show some great sportsmanship after their game on Thursday. At left, tt’s the Blue Monsters versus the Dragons on Thursday. Photos by Halie Wilson

Soccer season is in full swing as teams start to settle into the rhythm.

4- to 6-year-old division
Defense was outstanding in both games, as there were no goals allowed. Gregory Taylor and Cooper Lewis were the defensive stars for the Renegades, while Ian Castro and Audrey Roman were standouts for the Royal Knights. Quinlynn Carpenter of the Blue Monsters was a spectacular goalie. Jaxx Foye covered the entire field for the Red Hawks.

7- to 9-year-old division
There was another well defended game which resulted in a 0-0 tie between The Dragons and Idyllwild. Goalie Miles Sechrest, of The Dragons, was phenomenal in the net and Nick Sanchez played awesome defense. The stars for Idyllwild were Dane Knight and Bentley Lewis. Friday night’s game was a thriller.
Dane Knight scored three goals and River Fernandez scored a goal for a 4-0 Idyllwild lead. Liverpool bounced back with two goals from Silas Zimmerman. A penalty kick from Ben Taylor made the game 4-3 with Idyllwild still in the lead, which ended up being the final score.
Standings: Idyllwild 2-0-2, The Dragons 1-1-2, Liverpool 0-2-2.

10- to14-year-old
The Crusaders defense dominated the game in a 2-0 victory. Cody Fogle scored a goal on a penalty kick just before halftime for a 1-0 lead. Kail Nuez scored a goal late in the game to secure the victory for the Crusaders. Goalies Cameron Gage and Jayden Fogle provided the shutout.
Ellie Manchester played great defense for the Crusaders. Idyllwild Stars’ Christian Gonzalez, Hayley Olivier and Finn Carpenter played outstanding in the loss.
Standings: Crusaders 2-1-0, Idyllwild Stars 1-2-0.

Idyllwild and Liverpool played head-to-head at Idyllwild School Friday afternoon. Idyllwild scored a goal early in the game, and the team had a moment of celebration on the field. Photo by Jenny Kirchner