By Chief Mark LaMont
Idyllwild Fire Protection District

I would like to thank our residents for their partnership, support and continued diligence throughout the 2019 abatement process.
We had a record number of properties that passed our inspection process during the first inspection in April. We also had a record number of properties that passed the final 2019 abatement inspections.
I also want to remind our residents that although we have recently seen much lower temperatures here in Idyllwild, we aren’t out of the 2019 fire season yet.
With record low relative humidity, winds and low fuel moistures, I would ask that our residents maintain a heightened sense of awareness and caution as they begin utilizing their furnaces, fireplaces and wood stoves to heat their homes. Maintain proper clearances and use extreme caution when removing and disposing of hot coals and ashes. Utilize only approved and fire-rated metal containers for the removal of these ashes and only place these containers on fire-resistant surfaces such as concrete, gravel or bare dirt.
Thank you again for your ongoing help in mitigating the threat of fire to our community. As always, please contact us with any of your questions or comments. You can also see our fire safety tips and suggestions online at