Vandalism to holiday decorations at IdyPark over the weekend. Photos courtesy of Idyllwild Community Center

For the second time in one week, the holiday decorations and structures displayed at IdyPark have been vandalized. The decorations are part of what make the tree lighting so magical.
“There is rain damage, but wind and rain would only cause collapse,” said Idyllwild Community Center (ICC) President Stephanie Yost. “The ice castle was kicked in and pieces ripped off of other displays. The gingerbread man’s candies were in the concrete walkway. This was definitely vandalism.”
The property, IdyPark, is owned by Dave and Lois Butterfield. Cindi Hinds created all of the display structures and repaired them a little over a week ago from the first time they were vandalized.
ICC put on the tree lighting ceremony Nov. 30.