Former Pine Cove AMR paramedic Richard Alvarado (right) poses for a photo with AMR Operations Manager Jack Hansen (left) at AMR’s Hemet station after Alvarado finished his last shift. Photo by Ken Cardin

Back in 1994, Richard Alvarado started his career in the emergency medical field, a profession he hadn’t planned to pursue.
“I didn’t want to be a paramedic at first. My goal was to become a firefighter, but I had to become an EMT first before I could become a firefighter. I saw the skills of the paramedics and I decided I wanted to do that,” Alvarado said.
Alvarado started at Hemet Valley Ambulance, which American Medical Response (AMR) acquired in 1997, according to the City of Hemet website. At that time, Alvarado transferred over to AMR. When AMR opened the station in Pine Cove on July 1, 2015, Alvarado took the opportunity to be one of the first paramedics to work out of that station. Serving the community was something Alvarado took joy in.
“It was great having the one-on-one interaction with the community,” Alvarado said. “I built a lot of friendships with those in the community as well. We were available 24/7 for emergency needs or just to have a walk-in to check blood pressure or other vitals. I enjoyed working and living there during my 48-hour shifts.”
Alvarado would have stayed and continued to serve the community of Pine Cove, but his wife landed a job in Texas, prompting their move.
“I’m sad to go,” Alvarado confessed. “I really didn’t want to leave. I’m still in the medical field, but I am in the hospital setting now. My goal is to go back to school and becoming a registered nurse.”
To the community and AMR, Alvarado extends his gratitude.
“It was my pleasure to serve as a paramedic in Pine Cove, and blessed to have Jack Hansen let me go up there as well,” Alvarado said. Hansen is the AMR operations manager for Central Riverside County.