The test burn conducted by San Bernardino National Forest personnel Monday, Dec. 30. 
Photo courtesy of San Bernardino National Forest

San Bernardino National Forest (SBNF) personnel began pile burning Monday, Dec. 30 at the Vista Grande station north of Idyllwild. Smoke and flames may have been visible to those on the mountain and in the San Jacinto Valley.  The burning will continue through Tuesday, Dec. 31.

One pile was burned initially to see if the burn would be safe and productive. The agency was uncertain if the fuel moisture was too high. 

The test went well and the burning commenced. The burning will clear 12 acres of brush around the facility, according to SBNF Public Affairs Officer Zach Behrens. 

“This is the first prescribed burn in the San Jacinto Ranger District this season,” Behrens told the newspaper. “There will be more prescribed burns to come in Pine Cove, at Thomas Mountain and all Forest Service fire stations.”