Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the cats celebrated Tillie’s adoption.

Bear: (enters ARF’s office and encounters silence) Hello?  Terra?  Anyone?   

Zeus:  (enters behind Bear) Where is Terra? It’s so quiet in here. 

Sadie:  (enters)  Let’s get everyone in here.     

Whiskers:  We’re all here. What’s going on?

Sadie:  It’s Tillie. She has been adopted!  

Zeus:  Holy catnip! That is wonderful.

Sadie: And Thomas was adopted with her!

Whiskers:  Hip-hip-hooray! This is absolutely amazing. 

Bear: Maybe this means we are next in line to find our forever homes. 

Whiskers:  Wouldn’t that be so lovely. We would have new homes for the new year.  


Bear:  That would be the best ever.

Angus: (enters office with Anita) And what about Anita and I? We need forever homes, too.

Anita: You know, everyone who meets us is in shock that we haven’t yet been adopted. We are so darned cute! We are super friendly and affectionate.

Angus: And of course we are very playful. I would love to be adopted with you Anita. We have so much fun together.

Anita:  That would be super nice.  And I heard the ARF humans saying that if we are adopted together, the adoption fee will be a special deal.  

Whiskers:  On another note, what  happened to the puppies’ mama? I think her name is Lola.

Sadie:  She was adopted last week to a local.  


Whiskers:  More good news. Wow. The last few weeks of 2019 have been very, very good here at ARF.

Bear:  Let’s hope the good news keeps on coming.

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