Idyllwild Community Center Co-Ed Youth Basketball was on the court Monday night. The Rockets and the Lakers played against each other at Idyllwild School. Photos by Jenny Kirchner

Idyllwild Community Center’s youth basketball season is in full swing. Here are the results from last week’s games.
Division 1: 5- to 9-year-olds
The Warriors and Rockets started the week off with a great game on Monday, Feb. 3. Tate Donovon, of the Warriors, and Ashlyn Wilkerson, of the Rockets, both had a tremendous game. The Warriors had a strong defense and were able to come out on top.
The Lakers and the Clippers played a close game with Clippers’ Miles Sechrest scoring 4 points and Roger Gonzalez, of the Lakers, scoring 5 points. The Lakers were able to hold on to their 8-6 lead and finished the night with a close win.
Division 2: 10- to 15-year-olds
The Bulls and the Warriors started the night off with a high-energy, evenly matched game. The lead switched four times over the course of the game with big plays coming from both teams. Ethan Sheppard, of the Bulls, had an incredible night, making multiple 3-pointers and finding lanes to get to the basket. Dane Mock, of the Warriors, helped lead his team to victory with a close 39-37 win over the Bulls.
The exciting evening had just started, as the Division 2 Clippers faced the Division 2 Lakers. Both teams were undefeated going into this match-up and neither was going to give up their winning streak without a fight.
Christian Gonzalez, of the Lakers, played tremendously by passing, finding lanes and with solid defense. However, Skyler Kraemer and the rest of the Clippers were able to come away with a close 25-24 win over the Lakers.