Heavenly Whiskers

Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the senior cats boasted their positive qualities.
Sparky: Wow. It was very quiet this last weekend.
Bear: Surprising, considering it was a holiday weekend.
Sparky: I was all groomed and ready to meet my forever family.
Bear: Sorry, Sparky. Sometimes we are so slow here on a weekend that it’s difficult for me to stay awake.
Sparky: The human volunteers did a lot of cleaning.
Sadie: And I heard them talking about ARF’s Pets of the Year contest.
Whiskers: They discussed the amazing prizes the winners will receive.
Sadie: Hey, Sparky! You are so darned friendly and so handsome, maybe someone will adopt you in time for you to enter. You might win!
Pepper: What about me?
Sadie: Well, you are beautiful Pepper, but you must have a forever family up here on the mountain.
Whiskers: Or at least part-time up here.
Zeus: I keep thinking that some human must want a pure white cat like me. And he could also adopt my best buddy Bear.
Bear: Wouldn’t it be great to be adopted together, Zeus? Black and white cats together, just like a keyboard.
Zeus: I’ve heard that we can be adopted as two for one.
Sparky: Wow! That’s a really good deal. Double the love and double the fun, all in a two for one!
Whiskers: You’re a poet!
Sparky: And I didn’t know it!
Bear: There is so much talent in this cattery.
Sparky: And there is a lot of love, too.
Zeus: Now we just need someone to share it with.
Pepper: Roses are red, dead ones are black. A cat fills the void of the love you might lack.
Whiskers: Oh my. Two poets in the cattery?
Sparky: One better than the other.
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