By Mimi and Hooch

Ciao Bella! Our newest addition to ARF is Jack, an Italian greyhound/Chihuahua mix. Young and full of love, his eyes will melt your heart. Warning: once you have him in your arms, you’ll never let go.

Hunnie Bunnie
You’ll just want to whisper sweet nothings in those ears of Hunnie Bunnie. Made to cuddle, she is a chi-weenie, a Chihuahua/dachshund mix. Another young one, Hunnie is ready for her winter sweaters and a warm hug.

Well, hello Missy And welcome back. “Does anyone want to play with me?” A young, energetic Aussie/pointer mix, Missy has many great qualities. She loves to play fetch, even if it’s to retrieve a rock. Running, walking, and riding in the car are her greatest loves. With endless energy, her world is all about playing with you, pleasing you and then maybe playing with you again. She has good energy with other canines but is still testing the waters with the feline crowd. She is all about the two-legged crowd, leaning more toward the females. Missy is a strong-willed puppy, and with more training, she will be a fast learner with only one thing in mind: To please her owner and to play.

Granite is an adult male tabby who loves to have his tummy rubbed. He prefers canines over other felines in his house. This one will keep you warm for sure.

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