Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats complained about the lack of visitors.
Sparky: Wake up every one! Wake up!
Bear: (Stretching) Sorry. I’m still sleeping off a sleepy weekend.
Sparky: It was quiet, wasn’t it?
Bear: Pretty much. I met one nice couple on Sunday, but that was about it.
Sparky: I wowed them with my charming personality, but they were just visiting, not adopting.
Sadie: Visitors are always good, but forever families are better.
Whiskers: What can we do to draw more attention to ourselves? How do we market the ARF cats?
Sadie: Well, we cannot go out in public for adoption fairs. It is much too stressful.
Pepper: True. We are on Facebook, however.
Sadie: But not everyone looks at Facebook.
Whiskers: Maybe the Pets of the Year contest will draw attention to ARF, thereby drawing attention to us.
Pepper: If ARF got some more dogs, it would help. So many people come in to see the dogs and then often veer into the cattery.
Zeus: Yes! But where are the dogs?
Pepper: Good question. It’s kind of like when it rains, it pours. ARF is brought a dog and then almost immediately gets another, then another … you get it.
Zeus: You’re right! Is this the quiet before the storm?
Sparky: Could be. I know we have a few fosters at the ready.
Whiskers: That’s good to know.
Sparky: I understand that the ARF dog population is never predictable.
Bear: Unlike the ARF cat population!
Sparky: As I look at all of you, I realize what a beautiful bunch we are.
Zeus: A fantastic flurry of felines.
Whiskers: A captivating collection of cats!
Sparky: A perfect provenance of purring!
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