Welcome to Puppy Food Bowl XLVII brought to you by ARF and Coach Sandy.

Oreo and Sandy

Sandy is a tan and white Chihuahua who weighs in at about 8 pounds, is short in stature, attends Mt. Pawley Tech U., and demonstrates several two-legged “special moves.” Flanked to the left and always by her side is her Right Paw dog, Oreo, a young male with Boston terrier-Chihuahua background, who also attends Mt. Pawley Tech U.

Rookie Paws are Rachel, Olivia, Dillon and Noah. Chica Rachel C. and Smudge McDillon have moved on to permanent “yard patrol” and bigger bowls. And who will score the first “sit” upon command? The MVP is Chica Rachel C.! Paws up to you.

In the end zone are 4-month-old Olivia in the brown and Noah in the black. All rookies attend Mt. Pawley Tech U. as well. And display remarkable two-legged “special moves” as does their coach, Sandy.

Baby Girl Faith

Mascot paws include Baby Girl Faith, Winston and Girl.

And most important of all the “Cheer-Litters.” Sporting the “blue and black” are Carly and Sadie, Midnite and Meow Meow.


In the “red and gold” cheering their team are Heidi and Momma Pepper.

Reunited this week were Charlie the boxer, Dakota the golden retriever, and Cream Puff the maltese-poodle mix.

And celebrating a special and very memorable birthday last week was our own Mayor Max, whose graciousness brought smiles to our whole community, and especially to ARF. Mayor Max advises to all four-paws to be chipped, up-to-date on your shots, and stay on your leash or in your yard. Beware of the wildlife please.

ARF has many cats and dogs available for adoption or fostering. Go to www.arfidyllwild.weebly.com and click on Petfinder. All pets are spayed, neutered, and current on shots. ARF is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sundays. Call (951) 659-1122 or email [email protected] for appointment on any other day.

Creature corner is sponsored this week by Nicholas Murasko-Hammond in loving memory of Sydney; he will be greatly missed. To sponsor the column, call Shane Fender at the Town Crier, 659-2145.