Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats visited with the new litter of kittens. 

Zeus: The kittens are growing very fast!

Lulu: That’s no surprise. It will be only weeks before they are ready to go to their forever homes.      

Whiskers: Won’t Flora be lonely? She is so used to caring for her litter of six.

Flora: I am used to being busy with my babies, but I also look forward to taking breaks.

Whiskers: Hey, I heard that ARF took in a dog a few weeks ago. 

Flora: Don’t ask me. My life revolves around kittens. 

Pepper: It’s true, Whiskers. A cute little Chihuahua-MinPin named Hurley.

Zeus: Where is he?

Pepper: ARF placed him with a couple to foster, and they became failed fosters!

Bear: Failed fosters? Is that a bad thing?  

Pepper: No way! A failed foster is one who ends up adopting the fostered dog. It’s actually a very good thing.

Bear: What a great thing for Hurley. I bet he is happy.

Whiskers: I heard that the humans and the dog are all very happy. They make a cute family.

Pepper: It seems that things around ARF are pretty quiet with the sequestering.  

Lulu: Yes, it is. 

Whiskers: The ARF House is closed to general visitation, and it seems that people on the mountain are doing a better job at keeping their dogs and cats safe at home.  

Lulu: That’s a relief for the ARF humans. Maybe it’s because people are home all day, paying attention and giving love to their pets. 

Whiskers: That could be, Lulu. ARF is getting very few calls about lost and found dogs. 

Sadie: I hope it remains that way after the sequestering order is lifted. 

Bear: So do the ARF humans. It makes them happy knowing that dogs and cats are safe at home. That’s where pets belong. 

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