Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats talked about the new ARF dog Oliver and adoption of the remaining kittens.

Fern: Again, it is rather quiet in here.
Stevie: So, it is, but I’m not surprised because it is just the adult cats left.
Fern: Although I am super playful, almost like a kitten!
Rosemary: As am I.
Pepper: Did you hear about the dog, Oliver?
Stevie: No. What is it?
Pepper: First of all, he has gained 5 pounds but still has a bit more to go.
Fern: That’s great news!
Pepper: But wait! The rest of the news is Oliver has found his forever home.
Rosemary: Now, that is great news.
Pepper: And he has a playmate, a Chihuahua, and they get along beautifully.
Whiskers: Such a great ending for the little dog who previously lived on the streets.
Fern: I’m so happy for him but I’ll miss the little guy.
Pepper: Don’t worry. He is living here on the Hill, so we just might see him.
Stevie: Fabulous news!
Whiskers: Now it is time to get serious about finding forever homes for us cats.
Fern: No kidding! I’m ready for a playful home or a home that needs some entertainment.
Pepper: That’s funny but true. You are very entertaining.
Fern: I cannot help it. It’s just the way I am.
Rosemary: And any home that needs love and cuddling, I’m the cat for the job.
Stevie: Me too!
Whiskers: We just need humans to stop by and meet us. We are very special.
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