Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats talked about the return of Sadie’s Clinic. 

Bear: So how is everyone doing?  

Lulu: I think we are all just fine, especially Flora.

Whiskers: Well, yeah. With the kittens gone to their forever homes, she is finally getting some rest.

Lulu: That’s not what I mean. Flora was adopted and is with her new forever family.

Whiskers: Hurrah for her and I’m not surprised. She is a sweetheart. 

Zeus: It was very busy here last weekend with all of the visitors on the Hill.

Pepper: Can you believe on Saturday, before noon, ARF handled three found dogs and two cats?

Sadie: No kidding? I guess the holiday weekend broke the great streak ARF had been experiencing with few lost and found pets. Too bad!

Pepper: On another note, we’ve talked about Sadie’s Clinic returning on June 10. A few of us could really use a mani-pedi. Is the nail trim clinic coming back? 

Zeus: On Tuesday, June 30, all dogs and cats with nails that need trimming are in luck. 

Pepper: I hope that all of the dog and cat guardians will call to make appointments for their fur babies.

Zeus: So, things are back to normal now?  

Pepper: Oh no, but they are a bit better. All ARF humans are being very, very careful by wearing masks and distancing themselves from others. 

Bear: That’s right, and they are continuing to work hard on behalf of dogs and cats of our mountain communities.    

Pepper: Of course, they are. It’s what they do!  

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