Last week, two Idyllwild School employees were honored by the Hemet Unified School District.

Health Technician Melissa Churchill received Idyllwild School’s classified employee of the year award. Bob Leih received both the school and the district’s teacher of the year awards.

Even though we had given both of these employees coverage in the TC for these awards in March, JP felt it important that we attend and cover the ceremony in Hemet.

When he arrived at the district office, he had to walk a block from his parking spot because so many were in attendance.

A front area inside was set aside for the press. JP was the only media present. I was surprised. It was given neither other local nor regional coverage.

We view local education of our children as critical for our community. That’s one reason Jack and I support our local library, too.

We at the TC are proud of Idyllwild School.

It comes as no surprise to us that it repeatedly wins a California Distinguished School award.

It attracts bright, creative and energetic faculty and staff — such as Ms. Churchill and Mr. Leih, as well as the award winners before them and all the many others who help educate our children.

My own kids received a fine education there, and went on to do well in high school and college.

And even though most of my kids’ esteemed Idyllwild teachers are retired now — such as Patty Carratello,  Jeri John, Doris Lombard, Laurie Maxwell, Yvonne Poirier, Vic Scavarda, Sharon Schmidt and Karen Smith, to name a few  — Idyllwild School instructors of two of my grandchildren follow along right in their footsteps.

Becky Clark, Editor