Training sessions by the Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit are often held in the local mountains. Photo ran Aug. 15, 1985. Town Crier Archives

70 years ago - 1950

Les Selander was directing a Western film in Idyllwild with “so many cowhands in jingling spurs clomping through the village.”

65 years ago - 1955

At Dutton’s Corner Store in Fern Valley, 3 pounds of tomatoes were being sold for 19 cents.

60 years ago - 1960

Despite a move by the County Associated Chambers of Commerce urging closure of Thomas Mountain to public use, the U.S. Forest Service remained steadfast in permitting use of the area.

55 years ago - 1965

A year’s subscription to the Town Crier cost just $5.

50 years ago - 1970

A request by the Idyllwild Property Owners Association for a time-limited parking zone in the village was turned down by the County Advisory Traffic Committee because of the unavailability of an enforcement agency. 

45 years ago - 1975

On a surveillance mission in the mountains, two members of the Vice and Narcotics Division of the Anaheim Police Department crashed their helicopter on Tahquitz Peak, killing one and injuring the other.

40 years ago - 1980

In an effort to upgrade efficiency of its wastewater disposal system, the Idyllwild Water District was building two new percolation ponds to add to the existing five ponds.

35 years ago - 1985

Members of the Lewitzky Dance Company, renowned artist Harry Sternberg and choral music conductor Thomas Somerville, were among the faculty members teaching workshops at ISOMATA (now Idyllwild Arts Academy). 

30 years ago - 1990

At a Give-life Think Tank at the Living Free Animal Sanctuary in Mountain Center, representatives from national animal rights organizations discussed ending the euthanization of unwanted animals by starting low-cost spay and neuter programs and by educating the public.

25 years ago - 1995

Five airlifts for medical emergencies occurred in Pine Cove, which had some residents concerned because of the costliness, as many people did not have insurance. 

20 years ago - 2000

At the top of Delano Road, the Center for Prayer Mobilization owned by the Rev. Bruce Morlan moved into the premises formerly owned by the Idyllwild Institute-Fiesta, a Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps for high school girls.

15 years ago - 2005

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors was moving to separate the County Fire Department from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, preparing a cost analysis of an independent County Fire Department and classifying the position of county fire chief.

10 years ago - 2010

The inconvenience but inevitability of the Pine Cove Post Office closure was the subject of a special meeting of the Pine Cove Property Owners Association.

5 years ago - 2015

Chief Patrick Reitz, Idyllwild Fire Protection District, confirmed his department responded to reports of a bonfire in Alvin Meadows in back of the Idyllwild Arts campus. The blaze coincided with the first night of the annual Jazz in the Pines festival. The fire was allegedly started by local youths at a known local party spot.

1 year ago - 2019

The Idyllwild Summer Concerts Series had raised $31,714 of the $35,000 needed.