70 years ago - 1950
Upon completion of the architectural drawings for the workshops and studios of the Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts (now Idyllwild Arts Academy), construction began.

65 years ago - 1955
After four years of planning for zoning despite continuous opposition, the County Planning Commission adopted a master plan for the mountain area, which eliminated some spot zones that had previously been allowed.

60 years ago - 1960
Fire commissioners passed the responsibility of fire hydrant testing to local water districts following disclosure that the Pacific Fire Underwriters Bureau was unable to perform the tests.

55 years ago - 1965
The first snow fell on the San Jacinto Mountains when an unannounced storm replaced the predicted Santa Ana winds.

50 years ago - 1970
A 10-year effort to transfer the Banning-Idyllwild Highway into the state system was a success. But before the state could accept the 29-mile route, $160,000 in repairs had to be made by Riverside County.

45 years ago - 1975
Following the Lake Hemet Burn and subsequent heavy rainstorms, mud and black ashes washed onto Highway 74 and created a $8,000 clean-up job in Garner Valley.

40 years ago - 1980
The Idyllwild Town Hall started featuring activities ranging from acrobatics to batik to chainsaw safety instruction.

35 years ago - 1985
Local resident and writer Gene Thompson, author of television scripts for shows such as the Groucho Marx and Lucille Ball programs, spoke about “The Form of Mystery, and the Mystery of Form” at the annual meeting of the Friends of the Library.

30 years ago - 1990
The Idyllwild Fire Protection District Board of Commissioners promoted with pay increases all seven of the district’s full-time firefighters.

25 years ago - 1995
With a new $6,450,000 federal grant in hand, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department pledged to increase sheriff’s patrols in the mountain area. “We will be able to reach a goal of one deputy per 1,000 residents in unincorporated areas,” said Sheriff Larry Smith.

20 years ago - 2000
Idyllwild bike riders were gearing up for the third-annual 24 Hours of Adrenalin Mountain Bike Team Relay Championships, called “the Woodstock of mountain biking.”

15 years ago - 2005
The Riverside County Office of Emergency Services had finally received a $148,875 federal grant to purchase a countywide, early-warning notification system.

10 years ago - 2010
A piece of Idyllwild history was lost in the early morning hours of Wednesday, Sept. 15. A fierce blaze destroyed a Pine Cove log cabin built by Charles “Selden” Belden, the Idyllwild creator of the now highly collectible pinecraft furniture.

5 years ago - 2015
The Idyllwild Shuttle Bus had arrived, funded from a Riverside County Transportation grant and Supervisor Chuck Washington.

1 year ago - 2019
The Town Crier brought on photographer Jenny Kirchner to replace JP Crumrine, who retired in September from the newspaper after 13 years of covering news and all-things on the hill. She would still be taking photos and covering local events. Our long-time readers knew that Jenny was not new to her role.