Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats visited with Wyatt, a recent ARF adoptee.
Chili: (entering the office) Hello? Is anyone here?
Whiskers: (entering the office with the other cats) Who the heck are you?
Chili: I’m Chili, the new ARF puppy.
Sadie: Oh my gosh! It is so nice to meet you. Please tell us about yourself.
Chili: I am about six months old. I weigh nearly 13 pounds and I’m very playful and affectionate.
Whiskers: You don’t seem to mind us cats.


Pepper: And how do you feel about other dogs?
Chili: You are correct. I like cats and I really like dogs! Children are pretty okay, as well.
Sadie: So, would you like an active family?
Chili: I wouldn’t mind a family that will play with me and take me for walks. I also need family members who understand about caring for puppies. We aren’t for everyone!
Pepper: And I suppose you wouldn’t mind a canine sibling.
Chili: That would be very nice. And if that couldn’t happen, maybe my new forever family will have friends or neighbors who might have a playmate for me. But I would be a good new brother for another dog who needs companionship.
Sadie: You’d also be a great companion for a human.
Whiskers: Have you already seen a veterinarian?
Chili: I have! I got my shots and a heart worm test. I’m scheduled for next week to be neutered. Oh boy.
Sadie: It’s a good thing and I think you’ll be a happy boy in the long run. I know your forever family will be!
Chili: Then let’s hope I find my family really soon. I am so looking forward to a stable and loving home.
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