Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats welcomed Holly and her litter of newborn kittens.
Boomer: (entering the ARF office) Hey cats! Remember me?
Pepper: Boomer! How are you? Are you loving life in your new forever home?
Boomer: You know, I never thought life could be so good. My forever parents are the best. They even took me to the beach for a week.
Sadie: Man, you lucked out!
Whiskers: I heard your new mom telling ARF humans that you get her and your dad up-n-out every single day. You get lots of walks, yes?
Boomer: I do, and I also get lots of play time. I have a favorite toy, a fish, and I shake it in front of mom. She knows what I want!
Lulu: And I heard that your dad has taught you to play ball.
Boomer: He bounces it way up into the air and I have learned to catch it before it hits the ground.
Lulu: I think you are having so much fun in your new home. ARF humans said they had been looking for the perfect dog for your dad, and when you came along, they just knew you were the one.
Sadie: As ARFies truly believe, the right dog or cat will find the human, and often the human didn’t even realize that she needed to fill a void with the perfect pet.
Boomer: I think that’s true. So many humans would find their lives so much more complete if they found a dog or cat who needed their love. My mom says that their home is now “full” because of my presence … and my fur! But they love me, fur and all.
Pepper: You and your parents are so fortunate. I hope other humans follow in their footsteps!
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