Wildland Organics offers eco-conscious hair and body care products, helping people live a healthy and organic lifestyle.

Wildland Organics opened a new storefront Halloween.

On Halloween, Wildland Organics officially opened a new storefront in Oakwood Village — a dream come true for owners Marisa Quintanilla and Daane Griffeth.

“We’ve always loved this spot,” Quintanilla said. “We wanted to open a shop but then the pandemic hit, so we put that thought on hold. In the meantime, our business just kept getting better online, so we decided maybe this was the time.”

Wildland Organics opened a new storefront Halloween.

With the help of close friends, the store was transformed to include new shelving and perfect nook spaces to offer their lifestyle boutique to everyone.

With tears in her eyes Quintanilla expressed how grateful she is, “So far we haven’t had to hire anyone to build anything. The space has been built by the hands of people we love and care about. They helped us put this place together.”

They are offering merchandise that is multifunctional, showing how to live in a more mindful way without cluttering your home. Everything has a purpose.

“We’ve really tried hard to make everything we carry have a multipurpose,” Quintanilla explained. “For example, our Turkish towels can be used as a towel or a wrap, picnic blanket, baby wrap or a shawl. Our throw blankets could also be a bedspread. We want everything to have a multipurpose.”

Being able to reimagine these products includes not only changing things in the physical form, but also changing your thinking on how things can be repurposed instead of replaced, even if you’re bored with them.

There is a wellness pantry with kombucha and grab-and-go vegan food, as well as dried goods that will cater to vegans and meat-eaters alike offering organic, grass-fed, healthy food options.

There is a writing space that offers minimalist notecards and journals with a place to sit if you want to write there. Wildland Apothecary products, housewares and bath accessories are available. Vintage books, ceramics and clothing are also available with the hopes of expansion.

“In our opinion second-hand and vintage clothing is the most eco-friendly type of clothing you can have,” Quintanilla said. “It saves it from the landfill and there’s zero carbon footprint. We may expand and offer new apparel made out of eco-friendly materials. We understand that not everyone is interested in second-hand or vintage.”

While the store offers plenty of options to curate a mindful home, it also offers an adventure section for those who want to explore. Heavy blankets for star gazing and multipurpose utensils for while you’re out glamping are just a couple of the items for sale.

“Our long-term vision is to keep it uncluttered and create space to potentially have events here,” Quintanilla said. “We’d like to offer breathwork classes, meditation sessions and yoga. We want to create a space for those healers and practitioners to be able to come.”

There are many products available to purchase now but even more to come in the near future. COVID-19 has delayed the arrival of some of the merchandise Wildland Organics plans to offer.

“This is a beautiful area and a lovely place to bring the community together,” Quintanilla said. “It’s only going to grow from here.”
Wildland Organics is located in the Oakwood Village. They plan to be open Thursday through Monday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.