Miss Kitty

Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the cats discussed the serious concerns of heat and pets.
Pepper: Gather ‘round everyone! We have some new cattery members.
Whiskers: Yippee! Tell us all about them.
Ellie: I think Pepper is speaking of me. I am Ellie, the newest office cat looking for a forever home.
Miss Kitty: Hi, Ellie! You are so pretty.
Ellie: Thank you. I am a diluted Calico, and I am young.
Stevie: I have heard the ARF humans talking about how very friendly you are.
Ellie: Aw shucks, Stevie. I guess I am.
Shorty: I don’t think you will have any trouble adapting to a new home. Do you like dogs?
Ellie: That would be a strong, NO. I will give so much love and attention to any human, but I prefer to stay away from the canine crowd.
Pepper: Now that you’ve all met Ellie, you need to hear about the new kittens.
Stevie: I love kittens! How many? What are their names? How old are they?
Miss Kitty: Relax, Stevie! Listen to Pepper.
Pepper: The kittens are only three weeks old and of course they are adorable. There is a little female Calico named Charlotte, a male tuxedo named Elwyn, and an orange boy named Ike.
Shorty: When will they be able to join forever homes?
Pepper: They have to be about eight weeks but interested humans may make appointments to meet them. If they want to adopt, they may put deposits to hold them.
Ellie: Wouldn’t they be lucky little kittens to leave their mama and litter to go straight into a forever home?
Miss Kitty: And wouldn’t the families be very lucky to get such beautiful cats?
Whiskers: I know you don’t mean just the kittens. We adults are beautiful, too.
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