Last week in Days of Our Nine Lives, the ARF cats talked about shopping and adopting.
Pepper: You know, it’s getting a bit crowded in here.
Whiskers: Why do you say that?
Ellie: If it’s what I heard, there are two more adult cats in the cattery.
Miss Kitty: I saw them. They are handsome!
Ellie: Yes they are. Their names are Cinnamon and Apricot.
Stevie: And we still have the kittens for a little bit longer, then they should be going to forever homes.
Ellie: But so far, only one has secured its home. Go figure! They are so darned cute, I cannot believe they are still looking for homes.
Krissy: (entering the great room) Homes? Did someone say homes? We really want one!
Pepper: Well, hello! Who are you?
Krissy: Oh! I’m sorry. I guess we haven’t met. I am Krissy, the newest ARF dog.
Miss Kitty: Hello, Krissy. I guess ARF has three new friends: you, Cinnamon and Apricot.
Pepper: Krissy, tell us about yourself.
Krissy: Well, I am about 8 years old, an Aussie-Border Collie mix, but surprisingly I am very mellow. I’m also house trained and easy on a leash, and I like other dogs. But I must admit that I really, really want my own human.
Pepper: I guess you like humans, then.
Krissy: I love them! I am very affectionate, and I am so happy just cuddling up to my person and relaxing.
Cinnamon: (entering the room) Hello, everyone! I am Cinnamon and this is Apricot. We are new here, too, and we also really like humans.
Whiskers: Wow. So ARF has a whole bunch of cats and a dog that will make some families very happy.
Ellie: You got that right!
Apricot: Let’s hope that many people come visit us very soon.
Krissy: Perhaps this Saturday? I know that ARF is making appointments to meet me.
Cinnamon: And us, too!
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