Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats learned that one kitten found its forever home and found out about ARF’s new dog, Oliver.

Fern: Wow! We really had some fun weather — thunder, rain and all.
Stevie: We weren’t so sure about all the ruckus. It would have been much more comfortable in a home with a real family.
Fern: Right. We could have turned to the humans for a little support. I was kind of scared!
Rosemary: I bet the kittens Tonka and Saffron were very confused.
Pepper: Are they still here?
Saffron: Yes!
Tonka: We are still here. Unbelievable, yes?
Stevie: You won’t be here for long, once people get in here to see you, and me, and all of us!
Pepper: Has anyone heard how Oliver the little dog is doing?
Tonka: He is very happy to be off the streets and into some loving arms.
Saffron: ARF’s fosters are very special people.
Tonka: What is required to be a foster?
Whiskers: Only love, patience and a desire to help dogs who need it most. ARF provides everything else.
Tonka: Such a deal!
Stevie: When will Oliver be ready for adoption?
Tonka: Not too much longer. He is learning to be a wonderful family member.
Fern: That probably isn’t too far-fetched for him.
Pepper: I think you are correct, Fern. He is such a loving boy. He just needs to learn the basics of family life.
Stevie: Whoever adopts him will be rewarded with knowing a precious life has been saved.
Whiskers: Saved by caring, compassionate humans.
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